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Wisdom of East Asian Medicine for Every Unique Individual

Whatever your health goals may be, East Asian Medicine can help you achieve them. At Branch Acupuncture Center, we offer the wisdom of East Asian Medicine to help restore balance to your whole being. Molly Branch, owner, and licensed acupuncturist, provides natural healing modalities in a calm space to support mental and emotional health and well-being, pain management, preventative medicine, and oncology support.



At Branch Acupuncture Center, we consider each unique client as an individual - full of special knowledge, innate wisdom, and compassion. My love for traditional medicine stems from its basis that patients are viewed individually with physical, mental, and spiritual states – not just a single symptom or malfunctioning body part. Traditional medicine views any symptom, injury, or condition as a sign that the body is out of harmony. Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine enable the body to return to balance effectively and safely, with fewer symptoms and better future conditions.


What People Are Saying

Molly's insight and knowledge of her craft and the human body are impressive. I have been able to take my painful days and reduce them significantly, hoping to go even further. She always provides results and addresses the whole picture in reference to mind/body/spirit.

— BAC Client

Branch Acupuncture Center

Branch Acupuncture Center




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